Knock Down Rebuild Sydney

Have you found the perfect block with a less than perfect house on it? A knock down rebuild may be the perfect solution for you!

No matter if you are in the process of buying a home or if you have lived in your home for many years and want to upgrade. We can help you create your dream home in the area you want to live in. You don’t have to compromise on location or features with our knock down rebuild Sydney services.

Let’s chat if you’re interested in improving your home without having to leave the area you love.

Why Choose Knock Down Rebuild Specialists?

1. Does it feel like your family has outgrown your home and it’s no longer feeling functional for the stage of life you’re in?

When you decide to replace your existing house, you have the choice to demolish and build a new one, from the ground up. Unlike a renovation, you don’t have to compromise on features because of the structure that’s already in place.

At Buildmark, we have in-house specialists who can also bring to life any custom features you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Are you wanting to retire with the option for extra income?

Let us help you earn extra income by making the most of your existing assets. With our knock down rebuild duplex service, you can build a duplex or triplex on your block, incorporating all the features you want.

We can customise your home however you like, while also maximising the opportunity for the remainder of your block to bring in extra cash flow.

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3. Want to increase the value on your property?

If you’re an investor and have found the perfect block in the perfect location, but it has a less than perfect house on it—we can help.

You can increase the value of your investment by building a bigger, newer home on the site. If you would like a multi-residence, like a townhouse, duplex or triplex, we can help with that too.

The Buildmark Difference

  • 40+ years experience

  • End-to-end custom solutions

  • In-house design & construction talent

  • Verified HIA member

  • Guaranteed quality

  • Honesty and transparency

  • Personalised service

  • Turnkey luxury homes at affordable rates

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Book a Time to Chat

Let’s start a conversation about how we can bring your dream home to life. Whether you’re an investor looking for maximum value on your land, or a family looking for a more comfortable home that suits the stage of life you’re in, we have a solution.

You’ll have the unique opportunity to work directly with our in-house designers, architects, and builders, throughout the entire process.

Initial Site Inspection

This is where the dream begins! After our initial consultation with you, we’ll book in a time to look at your site.

We will help bring your dream to life and envision what’s possible with your current block. At this stage of the process, we’ll take the time to go through all the options, based on the size and orientation of your block. We’ll also match these options up with your goals and your living requirements.


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Design & Inclusions

Our team will get to work, creating the design of the new home based on our conversations so far, and with the options available on your block of land.

We’ll spend time with you, making sure the design of the home is a perfect fit. We will also share with you the inclusions, and you can ask for changes to be made if needed.


This is the part where we make sure all our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. We will check out all the local Council requirements in your area, to make sure we have a compliant design.

We also arrange for the surveying of your land, the preparation of a formal concept plan and also all the documentation needed for a tender proposal.


Building Contract

When we have confirmed the plans are good to go, we’ll draw up a building contract.

This is where we put all the details of your project in writing and you can clearly see the scope of works. We both sign this agreement and you can also supply a copy to your financial institution, if you are in the process of applying for a loan.

Building and Demolition Approval

We have a dedicated team who take care of all the necessary preparations for gaining approval to start the construction process. It can take 6-12 weeks for the documents to be processed, after which time we’ll start the demolition and build your new design.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Let the action begin!

By this stage, we’ve secured approval and have an agreement in place to bring to life your vision. If required, our team can assist you with confirming the finance you need to get started.

Once that’s in your account and you’re ready, we get to work, knocking down your old home and bringing the new one to life. We provide end-to-end solutions, meaning you only deal with us and our in-house team of designers, architects, and building experts.

We’ll deliver a turnkey home to your exact specifications and requirements!

After Construction Support

From the moment we hand the keys over to you, you’re welcome to start enjoying your home.

We also offer a 7-year structural guarantee, along with support, once a construction project is over.

Given that we have a talented in-house team, you can rest assured, knowing that we pay the closest attention to the quality of every aspect of your home during the construction phase. We don’t rely on sub-contractors and we also ensure our materials are of the highest possible standard.

You’ll get to enjoy superior quality for many years to come!

Ready to start your demolition and rebuild project?

If you’re ready to start your project and are looking for a knock down rebuild team you can trust, book your initial meeting with us today!

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How much does it cost to knockdown and rebuild Sydney?

It depends on the size and location of a home. The cost for demolishing is $7,000 per tonne and building a new home will typically set you back $800,000 to 1 million. This means that establishing a new residence in Sydney could cost you thousands of dollars or more!

When renovating your house yourself it’s important to take caution so you don’t end up spending too much money.

Is knockdown rebuild worth it?

Absolutely. New homes in the suburbs are cheaper and are larger than the current home you live in.

You should ensure that you find a company that has consistency, good customer service and is licensed by the owner. Remember bad companies may not have good customer service or any experience. The importance of finding licensed builders who have experience is high so they can advise and help with renovations.

Is it better to knock down and rebuild or renovate?

It depends on what your renovation plans are. Renovating an existing home will require fewer costs, but be careful. Renovating is riskier because it’s putting more money into the old home that’s not worth as much. A construction period of building a new home can take up to 12 months or longer.