How To Make A Narrow-Block Home More Spacious In 2022!

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Are you looking for custom home builders in Sydney? If you’re constructing a house on a narrow lot, you’ll need to plan your layout carefully to make the most of the available area. However, there are several easy and intelligent methods to maximise the space you have at your disposal. Check out our techniques for making the most of your area if you’re trying to build a house on a small lot with a large family.

Make the Most of the Available Space Look for a flexible, compact floor design with spaces that may be utilised for various functions. Hire a professional Sydney home builder. ‘The ‘great room’ is a prominent contemporary design element that incorporates many parts into a single area. Look for ideas with a kitchen that opens into a great place that can be used for living, eating, and playing.

Design Spaces That May Serve Several Purposes

When space is at a premium, you need to think outside the box to maximise what you have. It’s a good idea to create rooms that serve many purposes, such as living, eating, and working, and then combine them to make the most available. For example, in an open plan living room, areas for relaxing and eating may co-exist in perfect harmony.

Consider creating a suitable study place that can be moved about the home to save on space if you don’t have enough for a full-fledged office. However, with a bit of ingenuity in the design process, it is possible to create several zones inside a single area. This may be done using essential room dividers and shelves or strategically placing plants, carpets, or other furnishings. Find the best custom home builders in Sydney.

A Well-Thought Out Floor Layout

By locating the living, dining, and kitchen spaces towards the rear of your house near a backyard or alfresco area, you can maximise the efficiency of your layout. It is perfect for entertaining since the interior and outdoor spaces may be seamlessly integrated. The living, dining, and kitchen areas should be located on the upper floor if you’re building a two-story house to take advantage of any available vistas.

Think About Your Doors

Create a smooth transition between interior and outdoor living spaces to maximise the feeling of space inside your new house. Sliding or stacker doors may create a seamless transition from the inside to the outside by pulling them back. Find the professional home builder in eastern suburbs.

Make the Most of the Light Available To You

There is no denying that light is your best friend when making the most of your small lot home’s available square footage. It’s vital to think about your block’s orientation while planning your house to maximise natural light. A northern rather than a southerly direction will help you maximise the amount of light accessible during daylight hours, making the rooms appear more expansive.

In addition, don’t forget about the importance of windows and glass doors for letting light into your house. Mirrors may also bounce natural light into a room, allowing more of it to enter the room.

Repurpose a Once Unused Area

Speak with your builder about making the most of any unused areas in your small blockhouse. This may be in the shape of a storage room or a study nook that can be converted beneath the stairway.


Due to rising land costs and a drive for urban infill in Sydney’s major cities, narrow blocks and tiny lots are becoming more popular. Since property developers or owners who want to cash in on their more giant blocks are cashing in, more little blocks are becoming available. To get the most out of your property investment, you need to think outside the box and pick the right home design for your little site.

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