Tips for Purchasing a land for a Knockdown Rebuild in Sydney

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Leaving your old house and finding a new location can be stressful. Sometimes, you just want to experience some change and switch things up. Moving to a new location has some additional factors to deal with. New neighbours, new locality, new friends, new everything. Having to find a new gym that you feel comfortable at, new restaurants to figure out your favourite food, socialise more to get to know new people, miss out on relatives who stay nearby. If you have kids, you will have to look for new schools and activities that could take some time and be hard on your kid. In a situation like this, you can opt for a knockdown rebuild in Sydney

At Buildmark Developments, we want to enable people to achieve their goal of living in their dream house. If they do not wish to relocate, they can just opt for a knockdown rebuild instead of having to go through so many changes. Many people also end up buying a block of land and performing a knockdown rebuild on it since they do not like the existing house. That is also a great idea to change your dreams into reality and not mould yourself in a house that never belonged to you.

As a verified HIA member, the team at Building Developments is highly skilled and has experience worth more than 40 years. As one of the best in the industry, we provide custom solutions for all our clients and guarantee quality work in a reasonable amount of time. We are not just a construction company in Sydney, but we like to pride ourselves over numerous clients who have honoured us to be a part of their journey and have received excellent results. We understand that our home is the biggest of your lifestyle and hence we personalise all our services according to the needs of our clients.

Here are a few tips to go through before you purchase a land for the purpose of a knockdown rebuild.

  • Reach out to a professional before your purchase: 

You will need to know viable information about a piece of land before you purchase it to avoid learning about unexpected things after you’ve signed the deed. Contact us before you make your purchase so that our team of highly competent professionals can gauge the land and provide you with details like:

  • Bushfires, since they’re more often in recurrence now
  • Soil quality
  • Hydraulic design
  • If your vision of your dream house is possible on this piece of land
  • floods

Our team will also help you with any details that you need to know after making the purchase too. Any setbacks will be made aware of you while we also recommend a few ideas to match the lifestyle of your family!

  • Be careful as you choose your location 

You can’t change your decision once you’ve bought the land. You could try to sell it again, but it is a long shot. So before you make any purchases, make sure that you’ve considered all important facts. How close are the schools? Are there any good extra curricular activities for your kids to indulge in? Will transportation to your workplace be an issue? And many such important things.

  • Pricing 

Make sure you discuss the pricing of your rebuild to avoid any last-minute additional costs. You can tell us your idea and we can come up with a quote keeping all your expectations in mind before we start on your special project.

  • Privacy 

Make sure you have enough space for your family. No shared lawns, exposed backyards, or any such things. Your privacy is your priority. There is no point in investing so much in a house that does not make you feel comfortable.

If you’re looking for custom home builders in Sydney, we’re glad you found us. Our outstanding record of clients will only tell you, how dedicated we are to our art. Dedicated is one thing, but we also make sure that our clients are satisfied and go home to a beautiful vision that has come to life.

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