4 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Architect in Sydney

Planning to build or renovate your home? You need a commercial architect! Here are four tips on finding and choosing the best commercial architect for your home building project.

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Deciding to create a new home or perform a home renovation can be an exciting journey for you and your family. You get to choose your new floor plan, designs, interior, suitable material for the home construction and more. However, this fun-filled journey can quickly become stressful without the assistance of a skilled and experienced architect. Considering the assistance of an architect in your home building project can help transform your dreams into reality. A commercial architect in Sydney can help through the home building process – from discussing design preferences to executing the plan. Having an architect on board for your home building project is imperative to obtain the best outcome. But, how do you find the right architect for your home building project? 

In this article, we have highlighted the top four tips on finding and choosing the best commercial architect for your home building project.

1. Do Your Own Research

Before selecting any commercial architect for your project, it is imperative to do a background check on them. Doing your own research will help you locate their information about experience, projects completed, ratings, feedback & reviews, insurance, and more. You can consider checking their website for additional information. Researching also helps you list out the best architects in your area and choose them for your home building project.  

However, you can extend your research work beyond finding a prospective architect in your area. Several architects maintain an online work portfolio – usually available on their websites – that may help you determine the suitable expert for your home building project. Additionally, contact them at least once to understand their working style, job performance, and other critical information. A reputed architect should have long-standing, repeat clients to justify their successful track record.

2. Ask Around

Apart from considering online resources and doing your own research, you can also talk to your family member, friend, or neighbour for a quick recommendation. Ask them about their experience with the architect – Did the architect help you out through the process? Did they listen well? Were they experienced in home building type? How was their level of service? Based on their experience, you can easily determine whether the recommended architect is a good fit or not. The architect should be invested in making long-term relations and ensure complete client satisfaction to acquire a successful project outcome. Asking questions will help you make better decisions and choose the best architect for your home building project.

3. Arrange an In-Person Meet

So you’ve narrowed down the list of architects in your area. The next thing to do is arrange an in-person meeting with each one. Meeting them in person will allow you to check the architect’s qualification and their ability to handle the project. The goal of the meeting is to identify their working style and whether it will suit your home building project or not. Additionally, check whether you can communicate with your architect effectively as the entire project will depend on continuous conversations, understanding opinions, exchanging views. It is imperative to also have clear expectations from the beginning to avoid future clashes or project delays. If you’ll be working with an architectural firm with a commercial builder in Sydney, try to gain as much information about the employees and contractors working on the project.

4. Ask Questions

The key rule is not to choose the first professional you find first on the search engine. Instead, call them or meet each architect individually in person and ask them as many questions as you can. Ask them about their experience, projects completed, insurance, cost, and other related questions to be clear from the start. A reputed and trusted architect will answer all your questions to clear doubts. 

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