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For many, buying a home is an overwhelming and complicated process. For others it’s just not in the cards because they don’t have enough money or resources to make their dream come true right away – but that doesn’t mean you can never get on board! The first step was deciding exactly what type of property would work best for me financially- being realistic about our situation helped keep things feasible while also meeting all requirements. In contrast, others have monetary resources but don’t have the option to customise the place according to their needs. One of the best ways to stay on budget and enjoy the customisation option is to consider building your own home. If you’re looking for the most reputable and professional home builder in Parramatta, then look no further!

At Buildmark Development, we have helped many Australians to design and construct their dream homes. We are among the most reputed builders in Parramatta, providing end-to-end solutions for home and commercial construction. We understand that every dreamer has different needs and views on building their own home. Parramatta is a city that has it all: excellent schools with stimulating curriculum; diverse community spirit where people go out of their way to help each other. Consequently, we can offer a completely customised package for those dreamers. Our expert home designers work with you to understand your specific building needs and budget. We will create a customised quote for you and offer the best value for your money based on your unique needs.

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and personalised building services to Australians. Our fully customer-focused approach allows us to realise your needs and provide consistent updates about your dream project. Our professional designers and commercial builders in Parramatta will be with you at every step of the way during this journey – from deciding the plot of land, crafting home designs to actual construction. We allow you to build your dream home with your hands and fulfil your life-long wish.

Design, construct and live your dream life by building your own home with Buildmark

Build Your Dream Home in Six Steps

Step 1: Property Inspection

Once you decide on building your dream home, the first step is to inspect the selected plot of land. One of our expert home designers will visit the location and discuss further details with you.

Step 2: Crafting Designs

After property inspection, you have to discuss your home design needs with our experts. Here’s where you can dictate your home building design or make necessary changes to the crafted plan. Our expert designers and builders will come up with creative designs that match your design expectation.

Step 3: Selecting the Material

Next, you have to select the type of material used to build your dream home. We understand the process can be tiring and complicated. Consequently, our experts will educate you about all the options and help you choose a suitable material for your dream home.

Step 4: Contract Details

Our team will draft a contract that will include all the details of the home building project – from building design, estimate time frame, costs, and more.

Step 5: Getting the Plan Approved

Before kick-starting your construction project, our home builders will submit your home design plan to the relevant authorities for approval. We will manage the entire process, so have peace of mind.

Step 6: Construction!

Upon finalising the plan and paying the deposit, we begin the construction process. We will ensure to follow all the agreed terms and provide you with timely updates on the project.


Why Choose Us To Build Your Dream Home?

  • Reputed Construction Company in Parramatta
  • 40+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Fully Customised Packages
  • 7 Year Structural Guarantee
  • Real-world Experience
  • No Hidden Costs
  • End-To-End Solutions
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Expert In-house Designers and Architects
  • Personalised and Customer-Focused Approach

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Do you build homes in Parramatta?

We build houses in most spots in Australia. Though we do take up only a limited number if projects each year which means the slots we fill are limited. The place does matter but since we build in most locations, our projects are not limited by place but only by your timing. Book yourself a slot today to make sure your dream house project gets fulfilled by us!

Are your prices fixed?

Prices may vary from project to project on the basis of different things. House design, location, size, and material used. All of these things really matter while discussing how much the prices would take. Our service fees, however, are mostly fixed and do not change over a few years keeping in mind the trends within the real estate market in Australia.

How much does it cost to build a house in Parramatta?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, like building materials, the size of the house, and location.

Here are some general estimates of how much it costs to build a house in Parramatta.

10x8m single-story home in Brookvale – $200,000-450,000

2x2m built-in wardrobe in Northbridge – $633