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No matter if you’re looking for the perfect area to invest in, a vibrant area offering a great lifestyle, or a quiet suburb with necessary amenities to raise your family, Sydney offers a great variety of options.

As custom builders in Sydney with over 40 years of experience, we’ve cultivated the art of building the perfect home or commercial space for any situation.

Sydney residents love the houses we build because we offer all the customised details they’ve dreamed of, at an ever-affordable price. Business owners love our ability to enhance their brand with our architecturally-designed spaces.

Living in the Eastern Suburbs

The Eastern Suburbs is well-known for its attractive high-end shopping experiences and bespoke lifestyle services. It’s a place where A-list celebrities roam the streets and golden beaches are just a short walk from your front door.

Whether it’s designer fashion stores, quirky bar and café culture, or prestigious schools you’re looking for, the Eastern Suburbs is well equipped for anyone to intoxicate themselves with a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle.

As such, dream homes, apartment buildings and even commercial constructions in the Eastern Suburbs, all command high prices. It’s the perfect place to invest if you’re looking to move into a luxury bespoke home, but it’s also a smart place to grow your business and invest in the retail space.

With its close proximity to beautiful beaches, dreamy homes with eccentric decor tastes, and prestigious commercial spaces, the Eastern Suburbs is one of the most interesting places to live in or move your business to.

Luxury Custom Homes in the Eastern Suburbs

The Eastern Suburbs is a haven for the rich and famous, and we’re more than happy to help you fit the same stereotype with your custom luxury home.

Whether you’re looking to bring a large bespoke mansion or an endearing family home to life, Buildmark is always ready to help you achieve your construction goals.

Simply let us know the features and number of storeys that you want, and we’ll help make those dreams come true.


Commercial Construction Services in the Eastern Suburbs

Interested in moving your business to the Eastern Suburbs? The bustling commercial districts here have more than enough space to house your next company or retail project. .

Take advantage of the high-end shopping experience in the Eastern Suburbs by contacting us for office fit-outs or complete construction projects.

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Why Choose Buildmark?

The Eastern Suburbs is known as a place where the rich and famous while their time away. Buildmark has spent over 40 years providing bespoke construction services to such a well-known area and a long list of affluent clients. We are one of the few builders in Sydney that understands the functional and lifestyle needs of Eastern Suburbs construction projects.

We provide outstanding end-to-end solutions for residential and commercial customers. Our goal is to give clients a turnkey solution to create bespoke luxury homes and modern commercial buildings, while still maintaining a high level of customer service and quality.

If you’re searching for the most qualified and experienced Eastern Suburbs builders in Sydney, look no further than Buildmark.

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Can I bring my own home building plans?

Yes, you can! We’re one of the best custom builders in Australia and would love to see what you have in store. Our projects often work based on the expectations and designs that our customers have in mind. After all, the house is yours and all we want is to make sure you get what you want.

How much does it cost to build a house in Eastern Suburbs?

House prices may vary depending on the suburb and the type of house but it is likely to cost between 10-15% of the value of the home. Some expenses you might need to cover include architect’s fees, construction or building materials, permit costs, and land preparation. You might also be required to provide proof that you can repay a mortgage for your new property after construction is complete.

Can you work with our budget?

We understand that every individual has unique budget preferences. Of course, your budget will decide the kind of home you will be getting yourself but that is only obvious. The right budget and the right concept of what kind of house you want to build for yourself will definitely help us and satisfy your dream house and its needs.