Custom Designed Homes by Leading Architects, Sydney


A beautiful home celebrates the dream of home ownership and reflects your family’s distinct lifestyle.

Our architects in Sydney transform your ideas into a unique home that is defined by design and construction excellence.

Custom Architectural Designs for Houses in Sydney

Our aim at Buildmark is to give you customised architect designed homes in Sydney that meet your family’s needs, now and into the future. Our team works with you to turn your dreams into reality, consulting with our architect in Sydney — from the first stroke of the pen to handing over the keys to your professionally-finished build..


Architecturally Designed Homes, Sydney

Maybe you want to take one of our existing concepts and adapt it to your individual needs. Or it could be you like the idea of having a home that is unique, featuring details from your personal wish list. Our residential or commercial architects, Sydney, and our build team will liaise with you to create your dream property.

Our Architectural Firm, Sydney

When it comes to your ideal home, you might not want to be limited to just a few “off-plan” options. Buying any home is a life-changing important event, which we believe should be treated with respect and care. That’s why Buildmark has architecture firms in Sydney that understand how to combine beautiful craftsmanship with your unique style.

We tailor our advice to suit your budget and wishes, to create a home that will meet your requirements for years to come.

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What Can Our Sydney Residential Architects Offer You?

Whether you want a townhouse, duplex, single storey or double-storey home, our Sydney architects can translate your ideas to make them come alive. Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all home, and choose one with features that matter to you.

We won’t compromise on quality, or cut corners, in design or construction. Every detail, no matter how small, will be taken into account to create your custom-built home. Your preferences and lifestyle will be factored in to make sure you have a home that will last you decades into the future.

The materials we use are top quality and include sustainable timbers that we source from industry-trusted suppliers. We can advise on the best way to make your new home energy efficient — incorporating the right balance of double glazing, insulation, solar power, and irrigation.

Your outdoor space will be thoughtfully integrated into the design, to create multi-functional areas for today’s style of living.

Choose Buildmark to design and construct your custom home for living zones that utilise high ceilings, natural light, and easy maintenance.

Our kitchens reflect your unique culinary prerequisites and include top-of-range European appliances at no extra cost. We ensure you have the right amount of space and storage in each of your bedrooms.

By working in close collaboration with you, and our in-house design team, we bring you architect-designed homes in Sydney that make the most of function, space, and style.

Buildmark, a Sydney home builder, is committed to provide architecturally designed residential and commercial building construction.

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Commercial Architecture, Sydney

No matter what your project entails, Buildmark has over 40 years of experience in commercial building, to address all aspects of your commercial build. From architecturally designed construction to retail and office fit-outs, we have you covered.

Our team will guide you seamlessly through the process, from start to finish. We’ll gain a thorough understanding of the requirements for your project to ensure all aspects of your criteria are met.

For example, council regulations, tenant and industry requirements, and development costs are all considered. Our team is on hand to guide you throughout, ensuring your voice is heard. All details will be carefully considered by our experts, be it lighting, floor area measurements, outlook, or anything else that’s needed.

You can be assured that your ideas and vision will be brought to life by our team.

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Buildmark — Providing Excellence Every Time

Why should you choose Buildmark to design and build your custom home or commercial property?

Four Decades of Experience

Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience, and we have delivered over 250 custom architect-designed homes in Sydney. You can trust our competency, skills, and expertise to meticulously construct your residential or commercial property.

Quality Guaranteed

A 7-year structural guarantee is offered on all our builds. We will also include an upgrade from standard appliances and materials to those that are considered top-of-the-range — at no additional charge. It could include bathroom accessories, stone, tiles, or European kitchen appliances, among others.

A Name You Can Trust

Buildmark has built a reputation across Sydney, for delivering quality construction merged with unique architectural designs. You can trust us to bring your dream home to life.

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Luxury You Can Afford

Our one-of-a-kind homes and commercial builds captivate luxury and lifestyle that will impress. Our in-house Sydney residential architects ensure that no detail goes unnoticed and every factor you want accounted for is built in, within your budget.

Excellence Delivered

By keeping all the design and construction elements in-house, we can control the quality of the work we deliver. We don’t rely on cheap materials and inexperienced sub-contractors at any phase of a build.

Personalised Service

As a boutique architectural company in Sydney with a dedicated construction team, only a small number of clients are taken on each year. To us, you are not a number, but an important cog in the wheel, with a voice we want to listen to.

To this end, you have your assigned team of architects, designers and builders for your project to bring it to fruition.

Transparency and Honesty

No one likes to find hidden costs that aren’t anticipated. We take pride in being open and honest with you at all times. You will be kept informed — at every stage of your project — of any costs or changes.

A One-Stop Shop

With in-house design, architects, and construction experts, everything is catered for in one place. You won’t need to juggle multiple trades, or be let down by casual external workers. If you want any changes made to your customised design, we are all in one place to make sure it happens.

Custom design your next home or commercial build by contacting our residential architect, Sydney.
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What should I look for when hiring a residential or commercial architect in Sydney?

There are many factors to consider when hiring an architect or designer for your project. To ensure you hire someone who is a good fit for your project, does not have any licensing concerns, and can design a building that meets your needs, the best place to start is by reading reviews about their work and checking out their portfolio online.

An architect will be responsible for designing the exterior of any commercial or residential building.

Do I need to come with my own land?

That would be ideal but if for any reason you do not have land, plots can always be found where people are selling land or are building residential places. These would be ideal for anyone who does not have any land of their own and is looking to get themselves a customised house built. A simple google search can also be very helpful while looking for unused and empty plots of land that are ready to be utilised.

How long does it take to build a home?

Construction may take anywhere between 6 months to 2 years based on the kind of project that has been taken up. It’s obvious to note that bigger more detailed custom houses take longer to build than those that do not focus on detail so much. After the final stages have been determined, the approximate duration of the building process can be considered.