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Maximise the value of your land by building a custom townhouse in Sydney. Townhouse construction is a complicated process that needs expert guidance and advice.

With over 40 years of experience, at Buildmark, we are expert Sydney townhouse builders who can add custom solutions for even the most complex situations.

Custom Townhouses Are the Way to Go

Townhouses have quickly become one of Sydney’s most popular home options, and with good reason. As an investor, you might be considering building townhouses on your property to maximise the value of your land.

Just because many people are into it and it’s a good opportunity for investors, it doesn’t make them any easier to build, unfortunately.

Townhouses are some of the most difficult building projects, and they require expert guidance throughout.

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Off-the-Plan Townhouse Risks

Off-the-plan townhouses in Sydney are often at risk of structural and quality concerns as they do not account for the unique factors of your land. Custom off-the-plan solutions may sound like a better option but, in reality, they are often the same one-size-fits-all solution, with a few minor tweaks.

While you might be considering such a solution to keep your costs low, we suggest you also think about the long-term costs that structural issues could bring.

Truly custom townhouses are built to suit your location and unique block. It needs to be about more than just a few cosmetic differences, and customisation often needs to start from the ground up.

That’s why we advise working with a team, like ours, who specialise in creating quality buildings with custom solutions.

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Benefits of Building Townhouses

Home Variety

You can experience greater variety by constructing the exact type of home you want.

With other multiple-occupancy dwellings, like apartments, you are likely to face restrictions that townhouses don’t. For example, you can have double or triple storey dwellings with more rooms and space, but on a smaller amount of land.

Value for Money

Sydney townhouses can be more affordable than other types of custom constructions, despite their complexity.

Given you have greater opportunities to achieve your ideal square footage, you can earn more per townhouse than an apartment or smaller dwelling.

Sydney townhouses

Privacy in Sydney

As far as multiple occupancy goes, townhouses offer residents a greater amount of privacy within a smaller square footage.

You could attract more of your ideal tenants, such as families looking to rent long term as a result of the added space and privacy they can experience.

Lower Ongoing Costs

Depending on the design of your townhouse, you can encounter lower ongoing costs, due to smaller gardens and less energy consumption.

If you work with a reputable townhouse builder who can assure structural integrity and ultimate quality, you’ll also save on maintenance and repair work in the future.


Townhouses are a great way to provide a feeling of community that other multiple occupancy buildings, like apartments, simply don’t offer.

The privacy of your townhouse complex can also add an extra sense of community and security that residents highly value.


End-to-End Townhouse Builders + Designers

Townhouses that are built in conjunction with you from the very start are ultimately going to yield the best returns.

At Buildmark, collaboration is in our DNA, and with over 40 years of experience behind us, we can design and construct custom solutions to suit your needs.

Our in-house team consists of leading architectural designers and custom construction specialists. We guide you through the complete process of townhouse building, starting with your idea, all the way until it becomes reality.

Our turnkey townhouse solutions are customised from the ground up, to ensure quality, unparalleled excellence and structural integrity for many years to come.

We also understand the different requirements that Sydney townhouses come with. From the specific building plans—which greatly differ to other residential properties—to unique council regulations. As specialists in our craft, we can bring your project to successful completion on time, within budget, and passing all these requirements.

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Do You Offer A Townhouse Build Service?

Yes, with over 40 years of rich experience, we are one of the leading experts in townhouse buildings in Australia. We could show you various designs and you could choose the ones that are just perfect for you. No matter the location, we will offer you the best townhouse building service at a cost-effective price.

How much does it cost to build a Townhouse in Sydney?

This is a question asked by many people, and rightfully so. Costs vary significantly depending on the location, style of construction, materials used in construction and other variables. However, building a townhouse in Sydney can vary from as little as $60 to over $500 per square metre for high-quality construction with luxury finishes.

How long does the construction take?

The construction of your townhouse could take anywhere from four months to 17 months, depending on various factors. The size and the location play a big part in determining the total time it would take to finish building the house. It’s certainly worth the wait even if it takes longer than a year.